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Single Parents Travel

Single Parents Travel is an initiative of the Phoenix Family community, a community for folks who are widowed, divorced or separated. This initiative is to support and promote travel for single parents with their kids. We will organize trips exclusively for single parents with kids so the parent and kid can travel without any apprehension of looked at differently.


750+ social media followers


20+ first time travelers with kids


15+ posters with travel tips


10 trips

The Problem

At The Phoenix Family, we have seen considerable interest in travel from single parents and children alike. Apart from the recreational aspects, the benefits of travel include bonding with children, me-time, rejuvenation, stress management, etc. However, there are hindrances for those interested viz. security, finances, fear of traveling solo to a new place, etc. The predominant roadblock is the inertia of taking up travel for the first time. 

The Solution

While there is a multitude of travel websites what sets Single Parents Travel apart is that we are a group that focuses on single parents, facilitating travel with children. The Phoenix Family is a strong-knit community of single parents and we are well aware of the problems faced in traveling within groups; additionally, most online travel communities are intended only for grown-ups. Our trips give higher priority to the children’s interest. Children enjoy being with other kids who are in a similar social picture as a single parent’s kid. Also, that elusive me time with adults automatically happens when the kids are engaged.

The Results

Heartfelt testimonials from single parents who traveled with us, summarizes it all. 

“I was pleasantly surprised by how my 6 year old daughter was willing to eat on time and try out different food and sleep by 9:00 after jumping around as much as she wanted. Asked about the trip, she said, I love the trip so much that I want to go again…”

“This was my first of Single Parents Trip. I have traveled with friends and relatives earlier. The free flowing itinerary based on kids’ will made this trip different, relaxing and without any rush. The company of all the other single parents and their kids made the whole experience more enjoyable.”

“My own takeaway. Apart from the beautiful resort and friendly service. Was the confidence I gained in myself  traveling with kids and the deep connections I made with the other moms. Felt like a sisterhood where there is comfort in the thought that there is so much love to give and take.”

“We caught insects to observe, had the tastiest fresh cows milk, almost drowned in the overflowing overhead tank, almost sent the dog to space on our long lasting paper planes and tried to win the snoring competition. All in 24 hours. That was one day best spent.”

“Yet another memorable trip with Phoenix family! Slowly my son is getting comfortable with the group and I’m getting more time to spend with fellow group members and make new friends younger and older ones. Got a very good relaxing time mentally, emotionally and physically. Had lot of fun moments with my son and other kids!”