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The Phoenix Family

‘The Phoenix Family’ is a premier online support community for Indian widow(er)s, divorcees and separated individuals. People who have the same emotional setbacks/upheavals connect better is the base of it. A person entering this second bachelor(ette) phase is daunted by questions like what next, why me, how to cope, etc. Some learn it the hard way. This “family” as we would love to be called will help in the transition with their experience. All and any help is welcomed here be it emotional or any other advice. Needless to say, a light-hearted talk with a trusted friend is a welcome break, at any time.


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The Problem

Anyone entering their second bachelor(ette) phase faces numerous unknown situations and challenges in life. As a natural reaction, they look out for help and support to help them navigate through them. Many times the advice is given without understanding the depth of the problem context. I went through a similar phase and was eager to get help. Through happenstance got introduced to someone who was in a same situation. Apart from understanding and learning from each other’s experience, we were able to get over the most troubling question of “why me.” There is a shortage of information available on the net, especially with the Indian context.

The Solution

An online community for Indian widow(er)s, divorcees and separated who are seeking to get and render help from people who are in the same phase. The community is named ‘The Phoenix Family’, the name is derived from mythological bird phoenix which is cyclically regenerated or reborn like most of us. We discuss and help each other as a family. Organizing regular events and meets in major cities across India to promote more face to face interaction. Sessions conducted on topics relevant to members like single parenting tips, emotion quotient, time management, etc.

The Results

The community is active for more than five years now. It has touched the lives of hundreds of individuals across India with many active members eagerly helping each other in this phase. Some of the member testimonials presented in the slider below. 

“I have been pulling double duty from the time my little dumpling was born. Nevertheless, many times I have felt completely lost and defeated. This community helped me gain back my lost confidence, realizing that I am not alone in this journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed the chit-chats, meet-ups, trips and candid discussions in our group. The urge to run away from life has reduced a lot since. The world just opened with its enormous possibilities and I started dreaming again!”

“Phoenix family has made a huge impact on life! M only saying this because, I met a friend of mine recently. We hadn’t talked since 8 years! She said that she had seen a drastic change in me. Accordingly, I was an extremely shy woman the last time we met!
But now, I am a whole new person!! I am more confident, determined and focused on what I want in life, not only that, I can manage and keep things well balanced which I could not have 8 years ago… For this drastic change in me, phoenix family is one of the main reasons. So thanks a lot for playing a great role in my life and making me what I am today!”

“I never knew about a Single Parent community in Bangalore, until I attended an event on a Sunday evening with Phoenix Family members on the topic – Into the heart of a single parent. There I saw a bunch of likeminded people who had also gone through their episode of hardship, battled against their darkness of loneliness, just like me.

Over the last 8 years, I just focused on my negatives, felt hopeless and it was really hard. My fears where many. Was I being a good role model? Was I teaching them life lessons? Was I able to give them enough guidance? But my whole perspective of life changed after meeting the Phoenix Family. They helped me to look at things with fresh eyes. Being a part of Phoenix family means to be in the company of someone who won’t gamble with your heart, they give you an honest answer right from their heart. I am happy to be a part of a phoenix family.”

“I joined this group after months of apprehension. But it turned out to be a great group. I found that I can be myself without being judged. I can express views without being afraid of being seen in the wrong light. I can discuss things that I was not able to discuss with my family or other friends. It is a great tonic for me to come out of the loneliness and meet others who are going through similar situations. In addition to this, the admin and members work hard in keeping people informed about legal and professional knowledge. I would and have recommended people to this group. I also wish there would be more initiatives like this in other parts of India.”