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These are some of my works which are helping someone out there.

Product Feature

Context Hub

The RSA NetWitness Platform concentrates and synthesizes relevant information for easy access by analysts. Toggling between a myriad of different tools can be frustrating and confusing, making it easy for an analyst to miss something. The Context Hub provides an enrichment data lookup capability in both the Respond and the Investigation views to expose context data on demand. The sources for enrichment data include asset criticality directly from RSA Archer, Microsoft Active Directory, and threat intelligence sources; Respond or incident management; custom lists; Endpoints and various options for customers to incorporate their own external enrichment data.

Product idea

Respond Nodal Diagram 

Based on insights from hundreds of Incident Response situations, RSA NetWitness Platform is designed to streamline triage by providing all the relevant information on a single screen. The platform highlights relevant information with an Interactive Nodal Diagram that shows relationships to provide visual insights. The nodal nature incorporates the intensity of connections and the size of the node reveals the occurrence frequency. The Nodal diagram paints a picture of what elements (metadata) are involved and the activity. Analysts can “hover” and “click” to reveal the next level of detail and reveal new relationships. With a visual mapping of what is happening in their environment, analysts can respond faster to a higher range of incidents.

Online Community

The Phoenix Family

‘The Phoenix Family’ is a premier online support community for Indian widow(er)s, divorcees and separated individuals. People who have the same emotional setbacks/upheavals connect better is the base of it. A person entering this second bachelor(ette) phase is daunted by questions like what next, why me, how to cope, etc. Some learn it the hard way. This “family” as we would love to be called will help in the transition with their experience. All and any help is welcomed here be it emotional or any other advice. Needless to say, a light-hearted talk with a trusted friend is a welcome break, at any time.

Social Initiative

Single Parents Travel

Single Parents Travel is an initiative of the Phoenix Family community, a community for folks who are widowed, divorced or separated. The Single Parents Travel aims to be a meeting place for folks who have been bitten by the travel bug. This is a place for travel enthusiasts to come together and share their experiences, encourage others to take up travel extensively and enjoy getaways with children, in groups.